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Facebook Video Downloader

Download FB videos with FVid. Save as mp4 & convert to mp3.

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How to download Facebook videos?

  • Step 1: copy a video URL from internet browser or native app.
  • Step 2: paste the video link above into the white box, hit [GO].
  • Step 3: select video quality and format you like and download.
  • FVid is Facebook video downloader online

    FVid is a social video downloader, it can help you download and backup videos from your social accounts, from major social networks; such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. F of course stands for Facebook, and Vid is Videos, so FVid.Party is a website where we celebrate the video and help you gain control back over the evergrowing social video presence we all have. Here you can also snatch that awesome funny video from your friend's social account, so that maybe later share it elsewhere.. We hope you enjoy our Facebook video downloader (plus).

    FVid was made for Facebook

    At some point we have realized that Facebook finally is a video platform and a very good one at that. With FVid all your Facebook videos can be easily downloaded and saved to computer (to watch offline). Or to put onto other social networks. Possibilities are endless.

    And other social networks

    After making it work for Facebook, we've realized that other social platforms are also trying to edge into video world. So now FVid can help download videos from Instagram, Twitter, VK, Tumblr, Odnoklassniki, and planning to add a few others very soon.

    Download your social videos

    FVid can download online video from major social networks. If you ever need to back up your Facebook collection of live and other videos, or Twitter is going to remove your videos - don't wait for it to happen, download social videos from your account now!

    Extract audio, save as mp3

    Some of the videos can be converted to mp3, others audio can be downloaded as separate m4a/mp4 file. Our mp3 converter can work with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram videos. Extract FB audio or convert to mp3 of 256kbps HD sound quality.

    Why FVid? Isn't there enough similar sites?

    FVid was built with love. Most other sites have been developed with idea of monetization. It's mostly google ads, non-intrusive, but still, those are ads, and that is Google tracking you, tayloring those ads for you, watching over you... Do you know what I mean? That's right.. Here you are safe and secure, you don't have any ads or popups, so there is no personalization per-say. Plus have you tried FVid? It's sooo fast, it'll seriously impress you. I am for real, try any other facebook downloader from the list of similar sites, you will see. Our site lets you download multiple options, including HD, 720p & 1080p where available. All with sound included. And download is just ridiculously fast. Even faster than from facebook's CDN. How we do it? That's our secret! But one thing for sure - we don't keep copies of any FB videos on our servers.

    FVid backs up your social videos

    FVid can help you get all the videos back from your social accounts. With our speedy, responsive and intuitive service it's very easy to download videos from facebook, twitter, instagram, vkontakte, odnoklassniki, tumblr, vk, ok, fb, etc. We have a whole page dedicated to the ways we do social video downloads, read more.... We are working on adding an array of other leading social networks too. Stay tuned, check back here once in a while for more news.

    Better than most alternatives

    Well, we don't want to brag, but yeah, our site is way better than all of these sites,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, etc. It's faster, it has no advertising, https secure, it's just plain better looking. We have compiled a whole page about why and how our site is better, read more...

    Download social videos faster browser addon

    Try our browser addon. It's not technically a browser extension, it's just a browser bookmark. It's called "bookmarklet". There's tiny bit javascript code that can instnatly send you from any page with video to FVid. And also send the video page URL along with you. So you won't have to copy-paste video URLs. It only works in browser, and doesn't do anything but send you to FVid when you click it. The difference from normal bookmark is that the URL is included, so you won't have to do it.

    Save this video with FVid

    How to use this bookmark? Step 1: Drag and drop it to your browser's bookmarks bar (save it). Step 2: Log onto facebook, open some video you want to download. Step 3: Hit the FVid bookmark & find yourself here with download options already in front of you. Easy! This bookmarklet actually helps you avoid copy-paste of the video URL. Very useful. Try it out. You can always delete it from your bookmarks if you don't like it.

    Download Facebook live streams

    No tricks, you can download live streams from social networks using our site. We don't do live recording, but as soon as broadcast interrupts and starts a new, since facebook likes to put up these 4hr chunks or something like that, - then you can quickly download that live-now-static video before and if it gets removed.

    How to download private FB videos?

    Use FVid to download any publicly available Facebook video. As for private ones.. We've thought about this a lot.. If someone wants to keep their video from being downloaded and spread all over the network, we will not be circumventing their decisions. Downloading someone else's video streams is grey area of the law.. So we don't mess with that stuff. You can still try. Some videos aren't private enough, they may download..

    Convert Facebook videos to HQ mp3

    Yes, with our amazing social video downloader and mp3 converter anyone has the power to turn Facebook video into mp3 audio. Other sites may offer you download mp4/m4a formatted audio from FB videos. But here we actually offer normal mp3 that you can play on virtually any electronic music device in the entire world. Our Youtube mp4 converter also adds metadata to the mp3 (artist name, song title), including album art where available.