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How to download Facebook videos?

Are you actually looking for an answer to that question? Or maybe you'd rather know how to download Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Vk, Ok videos using FVid? Yeah, I think that question is more deserving an answer... So here you go.. A short one..

    FVid instructions: how to download Facebook videos?

  • Step 1: copy video page URL address from the browser address bar.
  • Step 2: paste the video link into white box on main page. Hit GO button.
  • Step 3: select video format or audio quality, and download
I've just read that actually considers talking about subject more of keyword stuffing. So instead of blah-blah on how you can save social videos to your device with FVid, I just did these 3 steps there hoping that short informative sentences maybe make search engines like me better? Do you need more info than that? Do you need images, screenshots of the process explaining step by step how to use this site for the task you believe it was made to do? I may agree on that with Yandex.. I don't need more info. Copy video link, paste here, - download mp4 file, or mp3, depending what keeps you moving.. In any case, if you have some questions brewing - check FAQ and maybe ask in the mail, if seems important.