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FVid quick questions and answers

If you're looking to know how to convert FB video to mp3, or download audio from twitter - you are in the right spot. Join our movement for free downloading options for all media in the world.

Q What sites exactly do you support?

Answer We work with all major social sites, to be exact: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Tumblr, Vk, Ok, Fb. Those last 3 are short ways to says 3 names of the previous 6. Can you match which ones are what? =) Just kidding, ok..

Q Why video doesn't download on my Iphone?

Answer Cause Apple doesn't want your Iphone to download any video or audio without them knowing about it. So.. Yeah. Look up how to get around that...

Q How to convert Facebook video to mp3 audio?

Answer It is very easy to convert social videos to mp3 (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter videos to be specific). Simply ust the 3 step instructions we always talk about here:

  • Step 1: copy some video URL from your internet browser or facebook app.
  • Step 2: paste the video link into the white box on front page, hit [GO].
  • Step 3: find where it says mp3 in results and hit that button. Wait a bit.
  • Step 4: after mp3 converter button shows up, press it and wait for mp3.
  • Mp3 download will begin automatically when converter finishes working.

Q How to download videos on Android device?

Answer Tap and hold any video. Select Download Link menu option.

Q Why video doesn't download but plays instead?

Answer It's OK, just right-click the video and select Save Video as.., or tap-and-hold + Download video on mobile device.

Q Where are the downloaded files on my device?

Answer In browser downloads folder. Go to browser menu, there select Downloads.. Easy!